ShareGreen Kids Valley

 ShareGreen Kids Valley – a place for the kids to SHARE, LEARN & PLAY!

WHAT is (in) ShareGreen Kids Valley?

  1. It is ---- a CHILDREN PLAY HOUSE with educational toys for intelligent play.
  2. It is ---- a MINI LIBRARY with a wide range of children books
  3. We have ---- a big TREE TRUNK for your little ones’ “escapade” in the “forest”, a little KAMPUNG (village) HOUSE for a mock retreat, and a STAGE for the little exhibitionists! And we are working on a small SEGMENT FOR THE PARENTS to relax and gather with friends while your little ones play!

WHAT do we do in ShareGreen Kids Valley?

  1. Daily ---- Opened to public for all kids to read, learn, play and share.
    *** For ShareGreen Kids’ customers who purchased our talking pen ---- 1 year FREE rental of all our AUDIO books
  2. Weekly ---- Guided play and activities for the kids (and parents)
  3. Ad Hoc ---- Seminars, forums, talks for the parents
  4. Charity ---- Special invitations to children from orphanage homes, children with special needs for free admission and use

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WHY do we have ShareGreen Kids Valley?

  1. We uphold a simple notion that children’s lives are enriched by ample opportunities to SHARE, LEARN and PLAY. In line with our belief, we devote a part of our investment for ShareGreen Kids valley in creating the conducive environment for children to bask in happiness.
  2. We believe in good-old-fashioned fun for the kids, and the one we never fail to promote is READING! It is our strong belief that all kids should be given the opportunities to get to that delicious place where reading a book is more fun than almost anything!

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So this is the "bear hug" with the polar bear!                                                 <Kitchen Center> for Pretend Play - Let's make spaghetti tonight!
Sweet moment of our little visitor.                                                                Like this item? Click here for more details.


                                                                                                                  Hibricker is a mini construction kit for children aged 5 and above,

                                                                                                                  using real bricks and cement.


 A sheltered spot in our big tree trunk, to play or just cuddle up in.           Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception.


Reading adventures await kids of all ages.


"Welcome to ShareGreen Kids Valley"



Awards winning toy from PlanToys® for the kids to play in ShareGreen Kids Valley!


The very unique BOOK rack in ShareGreen Kids Valley.


A sheltered spot to read, listen to music or just exist.



Clay art made by children. Non-toxic clay and water-based paints.


Our all time favourite VALUE combo set for babies from 0-3 year old!

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                                                                                                                  ShareGreen Kids Valley carries a good varierty of PlanToys® products from US.
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                                                                                                                    <Oval Xylophone>



                                                                                                                      Little michelin baby was toying around with the clatter.