Welcome to ShareGreen Kids Online Library!

Tired of spending hours in the bookstore just to get a right book for your children?

Worried no more! ShareGreen Kids presents to you the Online Library Service.  We offer access to a wide range of books, from Chinese classics, English classics to Learning Vocabulary series and enlightening series. With just minimum efforts, the rented book will be delivered right to your door!

To enjoy the Book Rental service, you just need to:


(1)   Log in to our website: www.sharegreenkids.com.my/login.php

(2)   Go to ‘ShareGreen Kids Library’ & pick the book you want to rent.

(3)   A full deposit of the book set rented is necessary. Deposit can be banked in to us.


Bank MayBank
Account Number 512848509377
Account Name ShareGreen Kids Products Sdn Bhd


(4)  We will post the book rented to you once the deposit (of the book) is received. Please email us the bank in slip to valley@sharegreenkids.com.my for   verification purposes.

(5)   The duration of each Book set rented is for 1 month. Penalty will be imposed should the book is returned later than 1 month.

·         More than 1 month – Penalty of 20% of the deposit.

·         More than 2 months – Penalty of 40% of the deposit.

·         More than 3 months – Considered SOLD. No refund of deposit.


(6)    Once the book returned is received (via post or pickup point ), deposit will be refunded.


(7)   Reminder: Please handle the books with care.

 Alternatively, you are most welcomed to visit our centre to enjoy your book rental service.


*Terms & Conditions apply*

Who are entitled for book rental service?

ü  Existing annual and temporary members of SGKV

ü  Purchased “Aikanwu book combo” during November 2014 promotion period

SGKV Online Library RULES:

1.      Only 1 set of books can be borrowed at 1 time.

2.      Duration of each book set rented is 1 month only.

3.      Should there is any damaged to the book as a result of customer misuse, penalty will be charged on the cost of each damaged book.

4.      Books will be delivered within 3-4 working days of placing the order. 

5.      SGKV reserved the right to withdraw or amend the service we provide on the site without notice.







          1.       登入至我们的网站:www.sharegreenkids.com.my/login.php

          2.       到我们的网络图书租借网站(ShareGreen Kids Library),选择您想租借的书籍。

          3.       在租借的过程中,我们将会向您收取抵押金(此抵押金的数额将依据书籍的价格而订),您可透过以下方式缴付抵押金



Account Number


Account Name

ShareGreen Kids Products Sdn Bhd

           4.     汇款完成后,请将您的银行汇款收据证明邮寄至valley@sharegreenkids,com.my 

           5.     确定汇款后,我们将会把您所租借的书籍以邮寄的方式交到您手上。

           6.     每组书籍的租借期限为一个月(依据邮寄时间而订)。若逾期将会依据以下方式进行罚款

                           *  逾期1-30天:将会被征收20%的抵押金

         * 逾期31-60天:将会被征收40%的抵押金

                           *   逾期60天以上:将会被当做“售出”处理,抵押金全数不得退换

            7.    若在租借期限内收到您寄还的书籍后,我们将会将提押金全数退换。





          * 爱看屋所有年度及临时会员可免费享用我们的租书服务。
    * 持有“贷书卡”者可免费享用我们的租书服务。



-          每次租借服务只限一组图书。

-          每组图书的租借期限为一个月(依据邮寄时间而订),逾期者将被罚款。

-          若发现书籍被损坏,我们将会依据书籍的损坏程度进行罚款。

-          租借的书籍将会在34个工作日被寄出。

-          爱看屋有权利在不另行通知的情况下撤销或修改所有条规。