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We believe in good-old-fashioned fun for the kids, and the one we never fail to promote is READING!

Life offers so many other ways to entertain the kids that reading always seems more like work than play. There is no way a book can compete with TV or IT gadgets. Most kids, given the choice, just won't choose the book often enough to make it a habit. But we have all heard of how addiction to IT gadgets and TV compromises children’s health, emotional development and academics; and we have all heard of too, the single best way to increase our children’s IQ is to read to them and instil a love of reading.

So how can you coax your child into a lasting love of reading?

OUR FIRST PRODUCTS – IKU Talking Pen and Audio Book(爱看屋点读笔与有声绘本)

All our books are 100% soy ink printed (as opposed to the conventional mineral oil based printing with harmful ingredients). All the reading materials are:

  1. Eco-friendly, complies with the safety standards for export to the European countries
  2. Scratch resistant, non-sticky, non-toxic, vibrant colours and recyclable
  3. Safe even if your little ones chew on the books


Our talking pen is made of non-toxic and high flexibility ABS plastic, with 6 sleek curved edges and surfaces - safe and delicate to the little fingers! It is also tested and proven to have excellent impact resistant which can withstand 100kgs weight and 1.5 metres height fall 100 times and remain intact.


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Patented designs. Award winning for eco printing and creative printing!
  ISO9001 for quality management system issued by one of the world's largest certification body, SGS - for export to the European countries
SGS颁发ISO9001质量管理体系认证 - 持有直接出口欧洲通行证

Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia
Interested distributor, please contact Mr. SL Ooi at +6019-2306540 or sl.ooi@sharegreenkids.com.my