儿童阅读俱乐部——快乐学习 之 端午节

AiKanWu Kid's Reader Club - Fun Learning - Dragon Boat Festival (June)  





                儿童阅读俱乐部——快乐学习 之 嘀嘟转遍全球 (日出之国)
AiKanWu Kid's Reader Club - Fun Learning - Dido Travel Around the World  (May) 

Arigatou !

For those who joined us last Sunday, Thanks for coming!

Though it was a simple session, kids listened to the Conductor's explanation on Japanese Culture attentively!

Conductor,firstly, went through Asia & some common South-east Asia Countries using map and kids were brave enough to guess & try to locate some of the countries on the map!

Then, kids were fascinated with the pictures conductor prepared and kids were friendly and outspoken enough to share their experience or knowledge they know smile 表情符號

Last but not least, we ended the session by making Onigiri (Japense Rice Balls). Kids love their hand-made Onigiri & they enjoyed eating it a lot!

Om nom nom nom....



        AiKanWu Kid's Reader Club - Family Reading (April)

Our AiKanWu Kids Reader Club activity - Family Reading went smoothly last Saturday!

Appreciate the effort from the parents reading stories & trying to explore beyond the stories with their children. Great teamwork from both sides makiing their hand puppet & sharing their stories with the rest of us !

Enjoy the pictures smile 表情



AiKanWu Kid's Reader Club - Story Telling Event  (Penang - March) 

This is our very first time went to Penang and held our AIKanWu's Kids Reader Club activities there.

Thanks to all parents & children who came to our activities and fully committed to it heart 表情符號heart 表情

Hope you guys had fun that day & we will see you soon !!  



Wavelay Workshop @ SP Setia Welcoming Centre (March)

Our 2nd Workshop @ Sp Setia Welcoming Centre last Sunday, 22/3/15, was a great success!!

Altogether there were roughly 40 kids joined in the Wavelay Play and they are brilliant, responsive, friendly, passion, obedient, confident........!!

First, we talked about Dinosaurs which was the topic of that day. We are amazed some kids really know a lot about dinosaurs and they were confident to share with us what they know!

After that, children & conductor made Spinosaurus together! Kids and adults were very excited and focused on making theirs. Then children made another one on their own by reading the guide we provide them. Most of them were able to read the guide with little guidance from us!

Everybody love their own Age of Dinosaurs when we put all our master piece together!! heart 表情符號 heart 表情符號

Can't wait to see them again next month!! Adios! 





HiBricker Workshop @ SP Setia Welcoming Centre (April)

Alright! We have completed another Hibricker Workshop @ Sp Setia Welcoming Centre last weekend (19/4/2015)!!

It is really happy to see children & parents came to our workshop and enjoyed themselves so much.

'infrastructures' was the theme of the workshop. Children & Instructors gathered around and discussed about the infrastructures. Followed by the project, we built Archways together.

With the guidance given by instructors, children were confident to read the guide provided and make Windmills & Bridges independently!