About Us

ShareGreen Kids have been started by a team of like-minded parents who have been inspired and guided by the simple notion that children’s lives are enriched by ample opportunities to SHARE, LEARN and PLAY.

At ShareGreen Kids, our mission is to promote intelligent play while setting a higher standard for our children’s educational toys and products. We think it is vital to provide children products which are not only fun and age appropriate, but also safe and made of non-toxic materials. You can count on us to bring you new and exciting award winning, multi-functional and eco-friendly children products that are made with your children’s enjoyment and health in mind!

As a conscience enterprise, we also care about the under privileged and the special needs children. As parents, our hearts go out to them who are less fortunate than our own children as we believe they too, deserve memorable childhood as our children do. In our effort to contribute to a better and beautiful world for the children, we continuously support and work together with several orphanage homes and working on reaching out to the special needs children.

We believe that it is in the children's innate need to love and share with others. Together with ShareGreen Kids, let’s nurture our children to love LEARNing, PLAYing and SHARing with the world!


爱看屋是由一群志同道合的父母发起。他们都秉着简单的理念, 那就是孩子们的生活应该是充满分享,学习,和玩乐的机会。